DeepL is amazing.

Even though I can barely speak English, I can understand why this translation service is so great.

With this service, you can send information in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

Isn’t this amazing?

I don’t understand Chinese at all, but they translate me into Chinese like this.


Of course, it’s an automatic translation, so the nuances may be different, but it seems to be enough to communicate.

Nowadays, people from overseas cannot come to Japan because of the ban on travel, but people are traveling creatures.

The “travel” market is not going to disappear, and even if the Tokyo Olympics are cancelled, the number of people coming to Japan will increase.

You can send out information in English, Chinese, Korean or French a little at a time every day, or you can translate and read it even in Japanese, so you have to send out information anyway.

Let’s send out information and work on it!


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